If you follow us on social, you'll know we love memes! And clearly you do too! Memes are some of our most popular and shared content so we thought we'd compile a list of our favorite SEO memes so you can experience a page full of lols. Hit us up in the Comments and tell us which one is your favorite!


#10: Train Wreck


The train wreck meme is a classic. There's something about a bridge collapsing under the weight of a steam locomotive that really sums up the feeling you get when an SEO audit reveals a foundation problem. Title tags missing, duplicate meta tags, zero referring links? These are just a few that make you go 🤦



#9:  Success Kid


No meme list is complete without Success Kid. Comments on your blog post that aren't from your Mom definitely count as a success! On that point, keep in mind that comments on blog posts are considered part of the content on the page when Google indexes your site so make sure you manage them and delete or hide spammers. Fun Fact from KnowYourMeme.com - did you know the Success Kid photo was originally taken by Laney Griner of her son Sammy in 2007. He's now 13 years old and his Mom still posts pictures of him on her Flickr account. They grow up so quickly.


Comment on blog



#8: Sad Pablo Escobar


Netflix has given us so much. Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black and of course Narcos. No one waits with the same sort of compelling blankness like Pablo Escobar portrayed here by Wagner Moura. Poor Pablo really will be waiting for those rankings if he bought an SEO package for $100. Perhaps a better use of those funds would have been some sponsored posts on Bebo?


Waiting for Rankings



#7: Judge Judy vs Laptop


The courtroom queen of daytime TV delivers 5 seconds of comedic gold in this meme. We may never know what she saw on that laptop screen. Maybe it was the 2nd page of search results? Or perhaps it was a Google manual penalty email? We imagine she's been toiling away for weeks doing outreach to blogs with high Domain Authority and finally got a backlink but its rel="nofollow". Hang in there Judge Judy.



#6: Not Sure If


This instantly recognizable scene featuring Fry from Futurama was from Season 2, episode 6. Interestingly, the 'Not Sure If' reference was not part of the original scene and instead it took on a life of its own online. In the lead up to Season 7, Comedy Central actually used the 'Not Sure If' meme to promote the show which was pretty cool.


Not Sure If



#5: Actually Dead or just Pretending?


If only SEO was around during the time of the Roman Empire. We think this battlefield tactic may have actually worked. A few other contentious topics may have been: hyphenated domain names are better for SEO, outbound links improve PageRank and Lycos is better than Alta Vista. (For the record we just want to confirm that Lycos was definitely better than Alta Vista).





#4: Quentin Tarantino Walking Around


Ok this is probably the strangest one. In 2019, pictures of Quentin Tarantino's visit to the Kremlin were Photoshopped into a Russian apartment and posted on a Russian real estate account. It quickly did the rounds on VK and Twitter among Russian users and made the jump over to English on Reddit. Its meaning has been clearly lost / butchered in translation but the weirdness is still 100% there.


Quentin Tarantino



#3: Millennial Home Buyer


This scene originally appeared in CBC's Millennial Home Buyer music video. Next time you dive down the rabbit hole to explain the latest algorithm updates, spare a thought for your client. These types of conversations can quickly end up looking like this. Focus on the impact of the update and the actions needed. Or why not even try communicating the update in interpretive dance?



#2: Grandma Finds The Internet


Like a lot of memes, Grandma Finds The Internet was originally from a stock photo site in 2005. We gotta hand it to Granny, while her sight may not be what it used to be, she has correctly identified the SEO cardinal sin of multiple H1 tags on the same page. We did a bit of digging and found out Granny was actually using our free Heading Tag Checker Tool.


8 H1 Tags



#1: One Does Not Simply


Finally, our number #1 favorite SEO meme is 'One Does Not Simply'. This crowd-pleaser meme from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring has spawned thousands of variations and become immortalized in pop culture. Even Google Maps implemented the meme as a caution message when searching for walking directions from The Shire to Mordor. In the world of SEO, if your target keyword is dominated by a Wikipedia article - all we can say is 'good luck' because as Boromir rightly points out, "one does not simply outrank a Wikipedia article".


One Does Not Simply



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